The quality of your existence hangs in the balance.

The cost of semen discharge.

What is that white stuff that comes out of your sexual part after you manage to excite yourself beyond the point of no return? Your body feels something resembling pleasure and you get a well-deserved relief from all your tensions and you can just let yourself relax. Sounds nice and harmless enough. Modern authorities say “No problem. Just do it whenever you like.”

Before you Wax your Willy we want to tell you something about your body and the role of semen. So give us 15 minutes, look around the site and then you can get back to your main business of opening up those website with the plastic boobied chicks and Thumping your Pud so that you can fall asleep in a well-deserved oblivion.

What is the value of semen? Learn more with a basic intro.

Are you already convinced? Need help to stop, check out the Resources.

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